Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote – Dr. Jody Carrington

Over the past 15 years, Dr. Jody Carrington has assessed, treated, educated and empowered some of our most vulnerable and precious souls on the planet. She is a child psychologist by trade, but Jody rarely treats kids. The answer lies, she believes, in the people who hold them. Especially when kids have experienced trauma, that’s when they need big people the most. Some of her favourites include educators, parents, first responders, and foster parents. Jody has shifted the way they think and feel about the holy work that they do.

Before Jody started her own practice and speaking across the country, she worked at the Alberta Children’s Hospital on the inpatient and day treatment units where she held families with some of the difficult stories. They taught her the most important lesson: we are wired to do hard things. We can handle those hard things so much easier when we remember this: we are wired for connection.

This all started when Jody received her Bachelor of Arts with Distinction from the University of Alberta. She completed a year-long internship with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during that time, and worked along side families struggling with chronic illness at the Ronald McDonald House. She received her Master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Regina and completed her PhD there as well, before completing her residency in Nova Scotia.  

Her first book, Kids These Days: A Game Plan for (Re)Connecting with those we Teach, Lead & Love, came out in 2019 and sold 20,000 copies in just three months. It is now on Amazon’s Best Sellers List.


Closing Keynote – Natasha Reynolds

Moving from point A to point B is something we have all done. In fact, it is an ability we have all mastered, and yet, when faced with a new challenge we often wonder how we will make it through, succeed, achieve, overcome [insert latest challenge here]. Visualizing how we get from where we are today to where we will be in the future can be a tricky process; especially when we don’t know what the future will hold. So when we are working through this process ourselves, how do we manage to offer our students the tools and strategies for their own success? The secret lies within your mindset

Tash Reynolds is proof that anything is learnable and everything is possible. As a self-identified dream chaser, her stories will inspire you to reach for the stars and then further. By sharing the simple tools and strategies that have helped her accomplish bucket list goals like moving to Australia with no job, no money, a mortgage and a baby; getting into grad school after barely making it through undergrad; or starting her own successful online business, while working full-time, and being a mom of two. You will no doubt, begin to wonder how far “a mindset” can really take you.

Natasha Reynolds began her career in Higher Education in 2005 and is currently pursuing a Master of Education at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Tash has spent over 15 years training, developing, and coaching professional staff and students and has a passion for student success and leadership development. She is a certified facilitator in the area of ontological leadership as well as student mental health. In 2007, Natasha won the NWACUHO New Professional Award and most recently in 2019 the Josie Lamothe Memorial Award for Outstanding Service. Tash has served on national and international boards of professional associations such as the Association of College and University Housing Officers International (ACUHO-I), Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers (NWACUHO), Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) as well as serving as the President of the Residence Life Professional Association (RLPA) in 2018.