Keynote Speakers

 Opening Keynote – Mr. Darren Stoupe

Keynote DarrenDarren Stoupe is a Certified Life Coach, Globally Certified Trauma and Tension Release Practitioner (TRE®), and a CSEP Personal Trainer with an honours Diploma in Fitness Leadership from Grande Prairie Regional College.

While attending GPRC, Darren had the pleasure of fostering wonderful and supportive relationships with his student advisors. The connection and attention those advisors gave him took his GPRC experience from adequate to amazing. It is this idea of making a person-to‐person connection and building a relationship with students that he will be speaking about: Making a human connection is what makes the difference in today’s technology laden learning environments. Darren strongly believes that if students know that we really care about their success they will be more engaged at a personal level, bringing back the connection and bridging the gap left by technology!


Closing Keynote – Mr. Louis Pezzani

PezzaniLouis Pezzani is considered one of the top Mentalists in North America and is coming to Grande Prairie all the way from Edmonton, Alberta to share his talents with ASSC! Louis will tickle your funny bone and astound you with his astonishing demonstrations of “mindreading”, photographic memory, and “mind over matter”. Join us in closing out ASSC 2016 with lots of laughter and more memorable moments with Louis Pezzani!

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