Keynote Speakers

Opening Keynote – Laval St. Germain

Laval is a Calgary dad, husband, airline captain and global adventurer best known for being the only Canadian to have summited Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, holds the record for the fastest ever crossing of the Atlantic ocean from mainland Canada to mainland Europe in a solo row boat, is the only person to have climbed and skied Iraq’s highest mountain, has climbed the highest mountain on each of the Earth’s 7 continents, and the highest mountains in over 19 countries.

Laval has a passion for the wild empty places on maps and the challenges and rewards that come with time well spent in the natural world.

Closing Keynote – Alison Springer

Alison Springer is a proud Alumna of Ambrose University, graduating with a BRS in Youth and Family Ministry in 1997. A Professional Speaker and Trainer, Alison knows how to captivate and inspire her audiences, keeping them engaged with her use of memorable sayings, innovative exercises and her own creative flair. With over 20 years of experience working with youth, Alison has worked with many diverse audiences ranging from street kids, student leaders, faith based youth groups, students with high needs, aboriginal youth and ESL students. This broad scope enables her to speak not just to the masses, but also to the individuals among the masses no matter their age. Alison brings the will to do whatever it takes to keep her audiences’ attention so that the main message gets through. 

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Alison founded a non-profit organization called Young Women of Power (YWOP) dedicated to transforming girl culture in Canada. Providing resources for conferences, workshops, and mentorship programs YWOP is becoming a leading resources for those working with teen girls. Alison has written curriculum used in schools and agencies throughout Alberta called PivotFWD which focuses on building girls’ confidence. Alongside general assemblies, Alison also speaks to women breaking down the walls of comparison and competition in hopes to model a new female cohesiveness to the next generation.

 “Confidence is key to inspiring teen and female greatness.”