Schedule and Sessions

For descriptions and presenter names please see Session Details Please note this is subject to change.

Wednesday, May 15 – Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session #1

1A Birds of a Feather – Admissions, Recruitment & International
1B Birds of a Feather – General, Front Line & Library
1C Birds of a Feather – Counselling
1D Birds of a Feather – Accessibility
1E Birds of a Feather – Indigenous
1F Birds of a Feather – Financial Aid & Awards
1G Birds of a Feather – Academic Advising & Career Services


Concurrent Session #2

2A Authorized Agent Relationships: Partners in International Learners Recruitment and Enrolment
2B Come to the Dark Side, We Use Prescriptive Advising
2C Creating the Fire: Collaborative Post-Secondary Orientation for Indigenous Learners
2D Words at Work: Writing Clearly, Concisely, and Dynamically in the Workplace
2E What is Clockwork? Data Management, Reporting and Implementation Campus-Wide
2F Building a Meaningful Career
2G Counselling at a Distance: Challenges, Opportunities, and Considerations for Practice


Concurrent Session #3

3A The Coach Approach: Tools from the World of Professional Coaching to Enhance Your Work with Students
3B Making Volunteerism and Peer-To-Peer Programs Work: Bridging Student Engagement and Academic Success
3C Indigenous Initiatives at St. Mary’s University; a Relational Journey
3D The Notebook: A Notetaking Love Story
3E Implementing Harm Reduction at the University of Calgary
3F What’d you say?! The art of using listening skills and asking questions to get at the root of students’ concerns
3G Appreciation in the Workplace
3H Exploring International Student Orientation Programming


Thursday, May 16 – Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session #4

4A Free Labour, the Good and the Less Than Ideal: Utilizing Student Volunteers through Formalized Volunteer Programs
4B Promoting Postsecondary Success for Indigenous Learnings
4C Stepping into Change Together: Creating a Model of Coordinated Care
4D Reducing information anxiety at point-of-need: Embedded library support in the LMS
4E I’ve got SKILLS they’re multiplying…
4F Video Counselling – A new and innovative way to connect with students off campus
4G MRU’s Academic Strategist Program: Overview of curriculum, materials, and evaluation


Concurrent Session #5

5A Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer (ACAT)
5B ApplyAlberta – What’s New?
5C Athletics
5D Challenges International Students Encounter with Canadian Education System
5E Learner Financial Wellness
5F Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Prevention
5G RCCC Elder Women Workshop


Concurrent Session #6

6EWhat’s New in the Student Support Centre

6A Leveling Up Digital Literacy
6B From Punishment to Plan: Empowering Students on Probation
6C Part 1 –  Indigenous Cultural Insights:  Keys to Creating “Calm-unity” Between Two Worldviews
6D Career development, the changing world of work and how education must pivot
6F Customer Service: The Difference Between Understanding what your Customer Needs, and what they Want


Concurrent Session #7

7A Lessons Learned as Counsellor Liaison to a University International Education Department
7B Orientation as a Component of a Multi-dimensional Transitional Process?
7C Part 2 – Talking Circle:  A Look at Colonial Myth busting
7D How to empower, engage and energize your advising teams
7E Self-Care: Looking anew at a well-worn word
7F Advancements Made in Connecting Learners with Services through D2L Brightspace: LSS101
7G Aistommatop, Connecting Education as a Process for Self Realization